What the audience thought of ‘In My Shoes’

What the audience thought of ‘In My Shoes’

Absolutely brilliant! I loved it.Truly a night not to be missed”

“Didn’t know what to expect but you guys blew me away! Very creative, inspirational and simply amazing!!! All of u are so incredibly talented, u made me cry, laugh, smile! Thank u and good luck with creating other inspirational pieces like ‘in my shoes’!”

“Rationale tonight were unstoppable, a show that if you missed… you missed one heck of a show! I would travel across the globe to see this show again! Respect”

“Guys this was fantastic, hope you filmed it, Coz you deffinatley need to sell copies of it on dvd……It was amazing and think you are gunna have a huge future doing this sort of stuff – Really Impressed Guys, very well put together and very well performed. 🙂 Well done guys”

“Sooo sick today! Smasheed it! All the long hours and constant rehearsing has paid off! Well done to all of you”

“when i say ration you say ale, ration.. ale… ration… ale… tonight was amazing, be proud of yourselfs. all the hard work pulled offf!!!”

“…it was an inspiring performance tonight…”

“Each of you individually are so amazingly talented and such an inspiration. Props + much love to you all”

“Well I thought guys were awesome tonightSo inspiring

unbelievable performance tonight Rationale, well done!”

“Congrats on all the hard work and effort you guys put into the show. you guys really shown what hip hop really is, and thanx for inspiring me to take what i have to the next level.”

Awesome show tonight, Rationale smashed it!”

The following 2 quotes are from Tessa Gordziejko – imove Creative Director and Creative Programmer for London 2012
Arts Council England, Yorkshire:

“What an amazing atmosphere !  I’ve never seen such a diverse and excited audience at the Crucible, and it certainly created a real sense of occasion – we liked the foyer entertainment as well.  The company are great dancers and there were some wonderful moments especially when the whole ensemble was dancing together

“As a first main house show it was triumphant and well done to the whole cast.”



Thank you to all those amazing comments.

Rationale Team

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