The Rationale Method



The Rationale Method of Choreography.

This is a method of choreography that utilises special Sim Specs which limit an artist’s vision to activate and enhance possibilities of choreography that would be usually be overlooked.

Specialist Workshops

The workshop gives students and professionals the opportunity to experience different types of visual impairment through wearing special Sim Specs. The workshop covers spacial and self-awareness both on a physical and philosophical level. We as choreographers are very dependant on our visual field for creating work. This workshop provides the opportunity to see the world through a number of varying perspectives. The differing ways of seeing are then utilised to become different choreographic devices for the artist to begin to create work in very unique ways. One example of this would be that the artist can only choreograph to the areas they can see. So if their vision is blocked so they can only see through their peripheral vision then they can only create work which uses lateral movement.

The Sim Specs are worn for the duration of the workshop and artists will notice some profound things that will be highlighted and utilised as choreographic devices. Some of which are:

  • How wearing different Specs affect your physicality
  • What emotions are evoked from wearing the specs and how they can be harnessed for choreography
  • How different fields of vision can contribute to staging and floor patterns for creating work.
  • The visibility of movements through wearing glasses and how this can affect movement choices and motif development within choreography.

Rationale work with the artists’ existing reportoire and explores how this can be pushed and stretched as this equips them with the tools to enhance their own work rather than them learning a routine that they will just forget in a couple of weeks.

The workshops are quite intimate and require artists to do a certain degree of self reflection.