Sight Specific



For the past 2 years Rationale have conducted a lot of research and development surrounding hiphop dance and visual impairment. This has lead to some profound discoveries and unlikely links between the two phenomenons. The company have been working closely with Visually Impaired Directors and Playwrights including Andrew Loretto and Kaite O’Reily. The experience has been life-changing for the company and through working closely with visually impaired artists and partially sighted societies Rationale have realised that visual impairment is not just a disability but it is an exciting unique way to see the world. Kaite O’Reily said to the company that her visual impairment has made her a better person. This is the kind of empowering message Rationale want to echo throughout our work and to bridge the gap between visually impaired and “Sighted” audiences.


The company’s latest production “Sight Specific” explores the phenomenon of ‘Shrinking’ and examines thoughts and feelings of both someone who is initially diagnosed with visual impairment and the impact it has on their loved ones. The piece utilises Audio Description in a very unique way by incorporating a beatboxer to describe the movements of the dancers, creating a show that is captivating to both see and hear.



Photography by Rod Wey and Rajvi Vaya