Nathan Geering

Nathan Geering

Nathan Geering

Nathan Geering began his dance career in 2002. He has received training in America, China and Korea where he learned advanced techniques from the former world champion Breakdance crews Last For One, TIP and Gambler crews. Thus giving him an insight as to how artists from different cultures create, learn and are motivated by their artistic vision. Since then he has continued to be open to other cultures that enrich his work and subsequently that of Rationale’s.

He was first introduced to hiphop theatre by Jonzi D who made him an original cast member of TAG which went on to tour the UK. He was also part of the first UK group from outside of London to perform at Breakin Convention in Sadlers Wells theatre. Nathan then went on to become the local hiphop representative for Sheffield on the Breakin Convention tours.

In 2010 Nathan was the body double for the lead actor in the Bollywood movie entitled “Someday” which was shot in Sheffield.

2012 saw Nathan become a New Associate Artist at Yorkshire Dance and he co-choreographed for their 30th Anniversary. In addition, Geering regionally toured with two major productions; Bright in the Corner (in which he collaborated with South African Dance company “Ushutu”) and Marks Set Go (Choreographed by Jule La’Ville and Filmed by Peter Anderson).

Nathan is currently touring internationally with Sonia Sabri Company with the groundbreaking piece “Kathakbox” which was nominated for the London Dance Award.

Recently Geering featured as the body double for the lead character in the music video “Backyard Skulls” by Indie band “The Frightened Rabbits”.

Still firmly rooted in the community Nathan teaches for a variety of organisations and is a leading authority on Streetcheer for the UKCA. His education work spans over many schools, colleges and universities throughout South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. He not only teaches in mainstream schools but is passionate about teaching the benefits of dance to Special Educational Needs Schools and Pupil Referral Units (PRUs)

Always insisting that he makes art for human beings and not just intellects Geering is currently exploring how psychology can help enhance the audience’s experience of hiphop theatre. He is very passionate about using his dance styles to tell stories and always strives to push the boundaries of hiphop theatre. Ndepinatsata