Nate Gordon

Nate Gordon

Nate Gordon

Nathan Gordon has been dancing professionally for over a decade. His career began in 2002 where he joined Street Vibez crew and cemented friendships with Nathan Geering and Angga Kara that began to lay the foundations for Rationale Productions years later.

Nathan Gordon is an accomplished bboy, choreographer and dance teacher specialising in bboying and combining elements of impressive tricking and hip hop dance, inspiring audiences with his strength, creativity and ability.

As the script writer for Rationale Productions, Nathan Gordon effortlessly combines directing, acting, spoken word and MCing bringing a lyrical and theatrical dimension to the group’s performances.

Nathan Gordon is an eloquent, conscious and musically gifted MC and poet and with a parallel musical career has released two albums to critical acclaim, continuing to record and produce music from solo projects to his current role as lead MC in the live hip hop band Veto Casino.

In terms of career highlights Gordon says, ‘there are too many highlights to mention but they include performing at Meadowhall Christmas lights switch on in 2011 to front of 15,000 people and performing on the main stage for the Olympic torch relay in 2012 for 20,000 people.

I also performed on ITV and enjoyed my time training in Hong Kong learning in a completely different culture but united by our love of hip hop.’

Nathan is available to teach children and young people through to adults I all elements of hip hop culture – from breaking and street dance to spoken word poetry. His experience as a Youth Worker and Community engagement work in digital media provide further opportunities for workshops or teaching.

Says Gordon, ‘When I was younger I had a lot of energy and I didn’t know what to do with it. My experience and involvement in hip hop has provided me with a positive, creative channel for this energy and for all that I have taken from the culture I believe that I return it through my love and appreciation of music, dance, art and fashion and in my contribution to inspiring the next generation to go on and make what they will of it.’

Image by Ben Wahab