In My Shoes @ The Crucible, Sheffield

In My Shoes @ The Crucible, Sheffield

Rationale Productions is proudly presents ‘In My Shoes’.

In My Shoes’ is a story about a father and a son who have a troublesome relationship that lacks respect and understanding. In a desperate attempt to save their relationship, they attend an extreme therapy session which makes them consider the difficulties faced by others to develop their understanding of how it feels to be in another person’s shoes. The piece uses movement, dialogue and interaction to portray challenging real life experiences that will have a lasting effect on the audience’s compassion for others in real life while exposing them to an entertaining piece of hiphop theatre.

This is the first full length piece we made as Rationale. We wanted to create something in which we could all tell a story that’s close to our hearts and reflects how we’ve felt at some point in our life. This piece is intended to raise awareness of an everyday struggle that everyone has to deal with.

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