‘In My Shoes’ | Blog By Timothy Bei

‘In My Shoes’ | Blog By Timothy Bei

On the 8th November Sheffield based Hip Hop Theatre group Rationale Productions performed their very first show ‘In My Shoes’. The group have been officially together for a year and have been relentlessly working on this project since the very start. I was delighted to be one of the 700 spectators to be seeing the show for the very first time.

Before the show even began we had Jordan Osborn performing funky drum riffs in the foyer with B-boys and Street Dancers showing off their skills and creating a large amount of excitement for the night.

At 7.15pm we took our seats as we eagerly anticipated the beginning of the show. It certainly did not disappoint. ‘In My Shoes’ takes you to an extreme therapy session with intricate individuals separated in two different groups. On the one side you have a troublesome father and son relationship, which lacks respect, understanding and communication, whilst on the other side; three individuals are in the midst of a delicate love triangle.

The piece contains a variety of Hip Hop Dance styles from Popping, Locking, Breaking and Street Dance to tell this delicate, emotional and witty story of their shoes. ‘In My Shoes’ also provided an inspirational source of imagination for interesting dance concepts that merged lyrical metaphor into the physical being. It was great to see the fruits of their efforts being transformed into this amazing show in the theatre before me and all of my friends felt the same. My favourite part of the show was the choreography performed in the second half by Sinead Burke and Hung Van Nguyen where they had to tie their shoe laces together to work out their relationship struggles.

After the show I was fortunate enough to find Hung and have a little chat with him. He said that he was very happy to see the show reach the target audience that he wanted. On the night the majority of spectators were young adults and small children with a few parents and guardians who accompanied them, who all loved the show. Rationale wants to achieve positive things in the community and are not only focused on inspiring young people to dance, but for them to be more interested in theatre and culture, just as much as they are interested in breaking the stereotype of Hip Hop.

Even after a monumental amount of praise and amazing feedback from the crowd, Rationale are keeping a level head and are already looking into improving their own individual performance as well as the performance on a whole; after a little rest and relaxation of course.

Rationale Productions are aiming to perform in Breaking Convention, London 2012. Here at Stop. Applause, I would firstly like to thank them for an amazing night that was nothing short of awe inspiring and good luck to them in all their future endeavours. Thank you to the Crucible Theatre for hosting this magical evening. This is a show that is truly not to be missed.


Writer –  Timothy Bei

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