Doc Fest Party Enhancers

Doc Fest Party Enhancers

To mark an end to an amazing week of Film and Documentaries in Sheffield, Saturday 11th June was the final Party of Sheffield Doc/Fest held at Showroom Cinema and we, as well as a few friends, were hired to tag along.

Arriving at 10pm we worked as “undercover” party enhancers, our job was to mingle, wait for more people to arrive and then do our thing for the rest of the night. As we stood there, drinks in hand, talking and laughing, the DJ was unbelievable! He was playing all the tracks that we usually dance to! All of us were raring to go with enthusiastic smiles on our faces, we checked the time… it was only 10.20, we had to stand still for another 40 minutes before we could be let lose. Nathan Geering described this as “torture”.

After an excruciatingly long hour of not being able to do what we do best we were set free, we quickly set up an entertaining Bboy circle to get the party going. Then after a little while, we set up a Soul Train Line. A Soul Train Line is a great fun way to get the people at a party involved with us and this practice is also deeply embedded into Hip Hop culture. What happened first is that we formed two lines in the room and each person at the end of the two lines dance a simple move together between the two lines. This worked a treat and we were also able to pull in some individuals that were a little hesitant at first.

After the Soul Train Line we formed a formation and did a simple dance move over and over again. This is was my favourite part of the night. Because the move was so simple to copy everyone got involved and the whole room just burst into sense of togetherness, fun and enjoyment. Throughout the night we created more Bboy circles, Soul Train Lines and Simple Moves as well as dancing with people and having a great time. The night was a great success and many of our friends that we brought along described it as the “Best Night they’ve ever had.”

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Writer: Timothy Bei

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