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We participated in the workshop and went to the performance, and they were both absolutely amazing. What a pity there weren't more shows as I have a list of people who I would send to it for a truly wonderful experience. None of us wanted the morning workshop or evening performance to end. We all want you to come back as soon as you can, and as often as you can - an experience which we won't forget. Fantastic ..Inspiring... Uplifting... Rejuvenating....and touching the core of the group with a new way to express hear them laugh, to watch them watch you in awe and wonder, and to hear their enthusiasm was delightful. Thank you Barbican Theatre and Rationale.. (and to any funding from Plymouth City Council/Arts Council. Worth every single penny!). I hope the interactions from the audience weren't too loud and were in the mood of the event. Even our most hardened 'disaffected' young men (and women) were with you on the stage. Wish we could have afforded for the whole school to participate (not all at the same though!) Thank you. We will no doubt follow you on fb (and maybe tweet... ). — Lucy Gomer
Your performance tonight was one of the most enjoyable productions I've ever watched! Fun, emotional and the characters were so interesting! You each have your own style of dance and it was really exciting and beautiful to watch. The storyline was brilliant, such good acting, really believable. thoroughly enjoyed it!! You've obviously worked very hard and it was a really professional piece of work. You deserve all the credit you get. Good luck in the future. — Becky Cavanagh
Rationale performed work in progress extracts from In My Shoes as part of the Crucible's Platforms series during the week-long National Theatre Connections festival. The extracts were performed in the Crucible foyer to the audiences attending that evening's NT Connection performances. The dance extracts displayed a strong sense of ensemble discipline and the definite potential to be developed into an exciting integrated performance piece. The audience was very appreciative of the work on the night. This bodes well for the premiere of the fully developed work on the Crucible stage this November as part of our 40th birthday celebrations, designed to shine a spotlight on Sheffield-based artists and communities. — Andrew Loretto, Creative Producer, Sheffield Theatres
Rationale Represent to the fullest. — Jonzi D
Rationale brought a slick, fresh, current flavour to our performance programme. They were a joy to work with and are one of the most interesting groups emerging out of Yorkshire. I look forward to working with them in the future. — Sarah Shead Artist Development and Project Manager
Bags of talent for dancing and storytelling, this company have huge potential and are one to watch — Wieke Eringa, CEO and Artistic Director of Yorkshire Dance
Best of luck, I think your organisation is one of the freshest and most innovative I've seen in a while - good luck with everything you're doing. — Amy Carter, Head of Arts, Museums & Cultural Promotion for Sheffield Council
Rationale managed to get 300 international guest documentary filmmakers and people here on serious business to break-dance in the Showroom bar, if they can do that, imagine what they can do for your party! — Layla Croll, General Manager, Sheffield DocFest

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Real life martial artist Nathan Geering is also outstanding in his use of break dancing together with his Kathak style of movement – and look out for his summersaults — Jerry Logo, London Journalist .