We participated in the workshop and went to the performance, and they were both absolutely amazing. What a pity there weren't more shows as I have a list of people who I would send to it for a truly wonderful experience. None of us wanted the morning workshop or evening performance to end. We all want you to come back as soon as you can, and as often as you can - an experience which we won't forget. Fantastic ..Inspiring... Uplifting... Rejuvenating....and touching the core of the group with a new way to express hear them laugh, to watch them watch you in awe and wonder, and to hear their enthusiasm was delightful. Thank you Barbican Theatre and Rationale.. (and to any funding from Plymouth City Council/Arts Council. Worth every single penny!). I hope the interactions from the audience weren't too loud and were in the mood of the event. Even our most hardened 'disaffected' young men (and women) were with you on the stage. Wish we could have afforded for the whole school to participate (not all at the same though!) Thank you. We will no doubt follow you on fb (and maybe tweet... ). — Lucy Gomer
Your performance tonight was one of the most enjoyable productions I've ever watched! Fun, emotional and the characters were so interesting! You each have your own style of dance and it was really exciting and beautiful to watch. The storyline was brilliant, such good acting, really believable. thoroughly enjoyed it!! You've obviously worked very hard and it was a really professional piece of work. You deserve all the credit you get. Good luck in the future. — Becky Cavanagh


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Vox Pops

Rationale’s Flagship show “In my shoes” has been going down very well with audiences seeing exerpts in Watford, Doncaster and Leeds. In Sheffield, Halifax, and Manchester audiences have been lucky enough to catch the full feature-length show. and on March the 15th audiences in Plymouth with join the line of cities who will be exposed […]

Oct 27th @ Manchester’s Contact

The next big performance for Rationale. Oct 27th @ Manchester’s Contact Buy tickets at Contact MCR A facebook event

Have a look what Hung’s been doing ;)

Imove on the Street

The summer of 2012 saw Rationale embarked on an amazing tour for “Imove on the Street” as part of the regional Cultural Oympiad. Audiences were were wowed as Rationale took to the stage with their newly commisioned piece “The Magician”. They also showed their love for the community as they took part in friendly dance […]

'In My Shoes' returns

‘In My Shoes’ returns

“In My Shoes is back after successful sell out run at The Crucible theatre at Sheffield Playhouse last autumn telling the story of a father who can’t find a bond with his son, a person with self confidence problems, a couple with marriage issues and an individual in need of anger management and a reflection […]

10th July @ Square Chapel, Halifax

This event is at Square Chapel Centre for the ArtsIn a desperate bid to overcome their problems, five very different people attend an EXTREME ‘hiphop therapy’ session. Lead by an eccentric therapist the group learn what its like to be in each others shoes. Expect high energy, lots of laughter and a ton of hiphop dance moves that will blow […]

Performing 'Sorcery' at Olympic Event

Performing ‘Sorcery’ at Olympic Event

Olympic fever had most definately taken a firm grip on the nation in 2012 and Rationale found themselves in the thick of it! On June 25th Rationale were lucky enough to open the ceremony of the Olympic Torch Relay in Sheffield in front of over 15,000 people. They performed “Sorcery” which was commisioned by Sheffield […]