Barbican Adventure!!!

Barbican Adventure!!!

So Rationale’s latest adventure takes us to the port town of Plymouth, and what an adventure it was! Day 1 was packed to the brim with workshops delivered by myself and Angga. As the rest of the company weren’t needed til the day after, me, Angga and Jon (our Sound Technician) were the first to arrive. We got to our guesthouse at 11:30pm and WOW! Talk about different! We noticed there was an unusually large amount of mirrors in every room (we’re talkin 11 mirrors in the living-room alone). So this got our Rationale brain’s thinking of the Rationale for the landlady to have so many mirrors in the house? Naturally we all agreed on the most logical explanation which obviously was…………The damn place was HAUNTED!

Now when we first arrived Jon and Angga had agreed to share one room and I was gonna take the single room. However, during the time it took me to walk from the bottom to the top of the stairs, I had made the executive decision that I was gonna share the same room as those two. I think what swayed me was the teddybear that slowly turned its head and watched us as we walked past it on our way up the stairs. So we’re in our new room feeling “safe” in our trio until we came across a V.I.P (Very Important Problem). What would happen when we needed to go downstairs to the toilet? So this lead to a quick debate as to who would follow the other person to the toilet and who would be the one to stay in the room………….ALONE. After a quick argument we decided to all go together so no1 would get left behind and killed.

When morning finally arrived the three of us were relieved to find that we were all still alive. So with a new-found appreciation of life we headed down to the Barbican for a packed day of workshops. Each workshop was very different in terms of participants and ability level, so there was never a dull moment. The great thing about our Rationale workshops is we always goof around and act craaaazzzzzzy!The kids always vibe off the positive energy and we just end up having a massive laugh with them.

After an exhausting, yet fun day, we went back to our guest house which as it happened didn’t seem quite as scary any more. We chilled in the evening, but had a ton of fun yet to come as the rest of Rationale were en-route to Plymouth. We knew they would be bigger scaredy-cats than what we were……….And they didn’t disappoint! Hung and Dan were so scared that they ended up sleeping on the floor in our room. Hung is superstitious as it is, so all those mirrors sent him over the Edge and as for Dan………well he’s just a big baby. Nate stayed in a room all by himself cos he’s “hardcore”. We attribute it more to stupidity tho. Has the boy never heard of safety in numbers? If it was a horror movie he’d be the first to die. It would a crazy horror movie too, with 5 ethnics in a haunted house filled with mirrors! Hung would defo be the last guy standing tho, as he would go “back to Vietnam” on them ghouls and ghosts. Viet Kong dont play yo!

The next day saw us back at the Barbican setting up for our show. Its always a long day for Rationale plotting lighting and getting used to the new space. The day was going without a hitch until one of our props broke during mine and Hung’s duet! Luckily tho Hung’s always extra prepared and had bought a spare. Half way through the day we had pretty much sold out and were asked if we could give up our complimentary tickets if we weren’t using them. This was so that more people could come and watch the show. This was great news to us as it meant the now 3 out of 4 shows of “In My Shoes” had sold out! That evening I had a radio interview to help promote the show (It seemed somewhat redundant now as our show had sold out but it was still fun to do). After I got off-air I was told that we not only sold out but we OVER SOLD! This was truly amazing as it shows that there is definitely a demand for us! It was crazy to think that, people were actually happy to sit on the floor and watch our show!

Showtime quickly approached and we went out firing on all cylinders. The audience were very vocal and showed their appreciation frequently through applause and just straight up laughter! We were having just as much fun on stage, fully immersed in our characters it felt as if we were actually in some kind of crazy therapy session. We ended the show on a massive high and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Plymouth.

I would just like to say that all the staff at the theatre were an absolute pleasure to work with and the audience were Diggady Dope! Even the guesthouse was amazing as it gave us some unforgettable memories. I highly recommend staying there to anyone as the landlady is lovely and the house itself is unique to say the least. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Plymouth, so watch this space cos there’s more to come from us crazy guys here at Rationale!


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