Angga Kara

Angga Kara

Angga Kara

Angga Kara started dancing in 2003 and studied under UK hiphop pioneer MC Nige (Street Crew) In 2004 he moved to Liverpool for University, and decided to further his knowledge of the funk styles of hiphop (Popping, Locking & House dance). Whilst In Liverpool he received training from a variety of international artists hailing from France, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic and ,Martinique.

In 2008, he performed in front of Sir Paul Mc’cartney and went on to dance nationally for events such as Brouhaha Festival (Liverpool & Belfast) , Edinburgh Festival, and Warehouse Project (Manchester).

Upon completing his studies’, Kara moved moved back to Sheffield, to continue the social enterprise which he started before university (Hantu Collective).

Hantu provides a platform for creatives’ to shine through various projects & predominantly centres around a streetwear label. Their worldwide collective members span from Detroit,USA to Sydney, Australia. Prodthacdersvaltetv Hantu has been worn and endorsed by many people in the hiphop community, including Salah (France) Poe One (USA) GZA (Wu-Tang, USA), Rudimental (UK) , DJ Format (UK) & recently Lunice , who produced for Kanye West (USA)

2010 saw Kara dance for Furious 5 & Kurtis Blow and in May he also featured in Rolo Tomassi ‘Party Wounds’ music video which is regularly shown on Kerrang & MTV.

In July 2011, Angga obtained a lead role in India’s first International streetdance movie “Someday”.

In subsequent years Kara has furthered his knowledge of hip hop dance by attending master-classes with legends such as; Poe One (MZK, LA) UK BBoy 2013 Popping champion Greenteck (Canada), and Mr Wiggles (Rocksteady crew, USA).

Angga regularly teaches around Yorkshire in different schools and is the guest lecturer for Sheffield Hallam University’s outreach program. He believes that dance is a lifelong journey and combines new experiences, cultures and emotions. In fact it is this belief that has allowed him to develop his free, lucid, flowing style of dance which in turn has gained him so much credence and respect in his field.