To explore and stretch the boundaries of the human condition specifically in relation to mental and physical health issues. To lead the way in creating hip-hop theatre that is accessable to all by scientifically investigating the positive effects of hiphop dance on physical and mental wellbeing. This will result in scientifically informed productions that are of high psychological and ecological validity.


Through exhilarating and witty choreography, Rationale are set upon bringing hip-hop theatre into the community, inspiring its’ audiences, and bridging the gap between old and young. Rationale promises to transform the four walls of a theatre into an exciting melting pot full of passion, energy and street dance.

Already a multi-cultural group, Rationale have the insight and flair to reach communities and culturally diverse audiences. Through combining impressive dance styles with thrilling soundtracks Rationale seamlessly juxtapose real-life concepts against surreal sequences. True to the name, Rationale have formed the foundation of theatre of the future.